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The park's very name signifies the important role water plays in Branch Brook Park. Or you might say there's water all about Branch Brook Park.

A tributary of the First River, the Branch Brook meanders aboveground through much of the north-south length of the park, occasionally collecting into larger bodies of water, most prominently the grand Branch Brook Lake in the Southern and Middle Divisions. Then there's also Clark's Pond in the Middle Division and the Northern Division's gems -- the Midwood, Edgewood, Meadow, and Upper Pools.

There's the Second River that flows the length of the extension in its elaborate channelized bed, a 1930's hydro-engineering decision. Hydrologist (water expert) or history buff you probably didn't know that even the park's name is informed by the area's waterways. The park's namesake, the Branch Brook, drains into the First River, which then flows underground into the Passaic River below the Clay Street Bridge.

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