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The park is artfully adorned by exceptional bridges, buildings, sculptures and gates.

Most of Branch Brook Park's "centennial" structures (those dating back about a century) were designed and built by the renowned architectural firm, Carrere and Hastings. Examples include, in the Southern Division, the Concert Grove wall, balustrade and steps; the Octagonal Shelter on Meeker's Mound; the Subways (originally called East Arch and West Arch); and the Children's Sand Court Shelter; and, in the Northern Division, the Ballantine Gates.

The Park Ave Bridge, another centennial structure designed by Babb, Cook and Willard, connects the East and West sides of the Park at Park Ave.

Currently, the original 1920 Octagon Field House by Rossiter and Wright is being refurbished in keeping both with its original design and our contemporary needs.

From a similar time period, Ely and Ely, the architects of Newark City Hall, designed the restrooms near the lake's edge in the Southern Division.

Lastly, we would be remiss not to bring to your attention the two Prudential Lion Sculptures -- lions who've, to date, spent approximately the first half of their 110+ years of life standing guard over the main entrance to the Prudential Insurance Company and have since flanked the north and south end of the Music Court boat landing at the end of the lakefront balustrade.

For much more information, view the Cultural Landscape Report, Volume 4: Structures in the Park | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3.